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Audit Assurance

  • Statutory Audits of public companies and small / medium firms
  • System Audits
    - to study, analyse systems, and help design new systems and process for better management and smoother flow of information and documents
    • Internal Audits / Review

      Internal audit is broadly defined as a process designed to provide reasonable assurance that objectives are achieved in the following categories:

      Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

      • Reliability of financial reporting
      • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

      We can assist you in improving your operations by determining if the internal control structure in your company adequately and effectively:

      Safeguards your company's assets
      Ensures the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of accounting information
      Promotes efficient use of your company's resources

      • Encourages employees in your company to follow management's policies and procedures
      • Accomplishes company objectives and goals
      • Prevents and detects frauds
      • Stock and Assets verification and audits;
      • Consolidation of Financial Statements;

      IndAS convergence;

      • Implementation of Internal Controls over Financial Statements (ICoFR);
      • Concurrent Audits of public sector banks & Companies
      • Special Audit for special purposes
      • Management Audit
      • Audit under Income Tax Act, 1961

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